Profile Updated: June 29, 2014
Residing In: Wauwatosa, WI USA
Spouse/Partner: Kris
Homepage: businessbullseye.com
Occupation: business owner, sales and Marketing Consultant
Children: None
Military Service: U.S. Army Reserves  
Class Year 1984
Yes! Attending Reunion

Since graduation, I went to Marquette, UWM, Matc, WCTC for education and didn't complete any of them but I have educated myself on fields that interest me marketing, consulting and business growth.

I went into the US Army Reserves in 1984-1990 and I am Proud to have served my country.

I have been married to Kris for 20+ years and I love her as much today as when we were married in 1991.

For some reason I thought is was a good idea to gain 100 pounds and keep it on.

i worked a lot of years in the grocery industry since 1980 and also tried selling insurance for a while but neither were where my passions lied.

I also own a backyard putting green company for the last 14 years so I have stayed in the golfing arena where I love it.

I presently live in Wauwatosa in the Lowell Damon Woods Neighborhood. I love it here.

School Story:

I remember watching Gordon Gano and his band the Violent Femmes (before they were the Femmes) in our auditorium for a National Honor Society gathering. I later read in Time Magazine (If I remember this right) that they started calling themselves the Violent Femmes because of that event. The students supposedly were laughing at them and calling them Femmes because they were playing our school song all amped up. I also remember that they went into a very cool song after that which was laden with profanity and sexual lyrics. Gordon got suspended, the teachers left the auditorium and the kids went wild.

Drivers Ed. was alot of fun. I think I was the only one to hit a car (even though it was just a tap). I Also remember swerving out of my lane on the highway because Shari Rasmussen was about to take my cookie from my side arm rest.

I remember being in the gymnasium when the announcement of President Reagan getting shot happened. I was thinking how tragic that was and how happy and excited other students were. They were jumping up and down in joy. How sad that was.

I remember Missy Davis' father renting out the Papagaio night club for us after graduation. That was pretty cool.

I remember going to prom with Serena Serrano and I didn't make it a very special night. I'm sorry about that.

I remember playing golf and rec. bowling for four years and for warming the bench on the football team with Jon Erdmann.

I remember only missing 3 days of high school but still not being able to finish my homework or study much for tests. I wish I could do that differently.

I remember having crushes on dozens of girls and only asking out 2 of them who promptly told me "NO". I stopped looking for Yes's shortly there after.

I remember ordering my letter jacket three sizes to big because I thought I would grow into it now I wish I could fit into it.

I guess looking back, I remember the friends I made, who I don't talk to any more (who know's why that is) and how clueless I was about a lot of things. But it was a great school filled with great people, who many I still remember by name and face and all of the fun I had being around everyone.

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