Menu for the 35th Reunion

Hello King Generals,

We as the committee really need your help with the food for the Friday night food!

I know it's tough but we know your have the best taste palets in the world so choose wisely.  It's our money and majority rules.


Thank you all for your assistance.  If I can't get enough help here, I will take it to FB and who knows where it will turn with the food choices.

So lets here from the foodies!

We thank you!  We could not make the choice ourselves.

The committee!



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1)   * This question for all who are planning to attend the reunion. As we are attempting to keep the cost down. The more choices on the menu, the venue charges $5 more for each optional plate changes from the main plate. Do we want one main meat or fish option along with an vegetarian option. Here are the choices.

All of the above prices are subject to a taxable 24% service charge and 5.5% sales tax as well as some meals are more expensive than others. We used a base price of $60 to start since prices are subject to change and we don't have the total of meals yet but used the chicken & pork as the base.
2)   Choose one dessert

Only one has an upcharge of $4