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Andy Ptak (Principal 1980-1990)

Early this morning our father, Andre Ptak passed in peace with all of us at his side. He was a mad of faith who walked in his truth.  He love large and cared deeply.  He opened his hear to heart to all, even if you were walking a path that was different from his.  And as a result he grew, with humility.  As a child I would see andG feel his grace.  As an adult I finally understood.

For me he had a way of making imperfection and struggle beautiful.  I will miss hearing his voice each evening at precisely 7:10 p.m. I will stay grounded in the memory of his lyrical voice telling me that I am loved.

I hope that all of you will do the same.  Greg Ptak, Tom Ptak and I will strive each day to carry on his legacy.

Deborah Ptak, Dec 4 2022, FB 

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