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Stuart Altshuler (1984) - Class Of 1984

Stuart Altshuler (1984)

Stuart passed away on February 14, 1985 ~ Rest In Peace.

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08/03/09 03:28 AM #1    

Ruben Munoz (1984) (1984)

Best day of my short wrestling career. Stuart was our training assistant for a couple of years and finally decided to join the team. He won his only and 1st varsity match at a tournament at west division. Boy that just sent chills up my back. Coach West shouted like we had won the whole tournament. (Our team was not very good) The whole team was so proud of him cause he tried so hard and never gave up. We hooped and hollered to the whole world. His win kepted us out of the nil column for that day. We didn't see him much after that, cause he started to get real sick. He was gone a short time later. This story is still so inspirational to me to this day, cause i was down personally with losses in my life, but i remember some of the brightest moments that made me soar emotionally. Thanks Stuart, I have not forgot you!

08/06/09 08:07 AM #2    

Nahum (Noah) Kianovsky (1984) (1984)

Ruben, I first met Stuart when we were 8 or 9, and we became close during high school and in the all too brief period after graduation until he died. Your story about the wrestling match really hits the nail on the head, and was very touching.

10/24/09 07:55 PM #3    

Will Cannon (1984)

I remember Stuart being in St. Michael's Hospital during our freshman year. I lived three blocks away, so I volunteered to take his homework to him. I used this opportunity to learn a little bit more about him, and found him to be one of the neatest, most uplifitng people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He was also one of the most real people I've ever known, and never tried to hide that "devilish" side. He never hesitated to share a few off-color jokes with us from time to time.

Just last week, I repeated a joke to a few people. As it turns out, it was one I'd heard from Stuart!

Thank you, Stuart! Even though you left us too soon, you definitely had an impact. We miss you!

11/07/11 05:35 PM #4    

La Rhonda Wells (1984) (1984)

Memory of Stuart from Lisa Mene Menacheck


LaRhonda, was just on the class of '84 website - noticed you had a picture of Stuart Altshuler. He was the first person I really got to know at King. Shortly after I started school, I landed in the hospital for an emergency appendectomy. While I was there, a nurse told me that someone else from my school was also in the hospital - and wondered if I might know him. Since I was new - I didn't. I am a stubborn person when it comes to something I want to do. I was told that I could only walk around for a limited amount of time and not to go too far. Did I listen? No. When I realized Stuart was dealing with Cancer - I thought he could probably benefit from a goofball like me :). So, I ambled over to Stuart's room. I was so happy to meet him - even with what he was going through at the time - he was so freakin' positive!!!! We'd play Uno and just sit and talk. I always left his room a better person. When it was time for me to leave the hospital, I remember wondering if and when Stuart would be leaving too. I liked him because he was a little bit of a nerd, like me. Fast forward to my bathtub - a week or so later. I'm sitting in the tub, and all of a sudden my incision starts bubbling out puss - literally BUBBLING! My mom comes in and decides to take me directly to the doctor. In order for it to heal properly, the doctor needed to reopen the incision and let it close naturally. He joked later that he would "fix" it for me later - but, then, the romantic in me said "no" - knowing it would be a reminder of Stuart. It now could pass for an extra belly button! I have a very concrete memory of Stuart that I carry with me every day! - Lisa Mene Nemacheck '83

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