In Memory

Richard Zutz (Faculty -Subject: Art)

Awaiting more details, Rest In Peace.

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07/21/09 10:12 PM #1    

Elaine Piller (1984) (1984)

Mr. Zutz was awesome... very sad he passed :(

08/05/09 09:27 PM #2    

Ruben Munoz (1984) (1984)

I remember a class project we had to do. w/a group I told and acted out the story of the three little bears. I had the class laughing their heads off when i went into a spanish rant when goldilocks showed up. Stacy smirl was cracking up the loudest as i passed her w/the group heading out the class. I had been lacking in the class and Mr Zutz had put into my head to find something familiar for the class but w/a twist, so that i could be effective. My "D" went to a "B". He had that knack to bring the best out of us.

08/23/09 07:00 PM #3    

Carol Pleas (1984) (Carnie) (1984)

Mr. Zutz was the best art teacher ever. He exposed us to many types and styles of art. RIP.

07/28/13 01:05 AM #4    

Stephanie Burnell (1984) (Anderson) (1984)

I will never forget Mr. Zutz.  He was one of the best art teachers I've ever had.  He saw one of my fellow male classmate's teasing me within one of his free time classes.  He told the fellow male classmate, "she has more talent in her little pinky then you have in your body".  Zutz's knew how to make you feel good about yourself.  May he RIP.---Stephanie L Burnell (Anderson)

09/26/13 09:55 AM #5    

Jill Szarwark (1984) (Whitcomb) (1984)

Mr Zutz was by far the best art teacher i ever had. the compitition between him and the other teachers(mr gardner, mr. mac) and using the stuffed animals  (i think Band) were selling for a fundraiser.

The last time I saw Mr. Zutz's he was bringing his daughter to my class, and he said "I saw the last name and knew it had to be you, good to already know who my daughter was going to be spending time with." and I told him i promise not to torment her by hanging decapitated stuffed animals as you did for art class.

His best line as he is telling us how to do a project drawing stick figures on the chalkboard, i had asked why he couldnt draw, he replied..."i only have to know HOW to teach art, i dont have to be able to do it" lmao 

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