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Greetings Generals,

We are embarking on our 40th Class Reunion!  Wow!!  How the time went by!  Here we are at one of the Greatest Milestone Reunions to be celebrated. Throughout the years, many of us have maintained wonderful friendships and relationships; embracing forty years of shared experiences, memories, growth and more in our lives which is represented by the color “Ruby Red.”  In our 40th Jubilee Class Reunion at Rufus King High School, we would like to acknowledge our shared history by “Commemorating Our 40th “Jubilee Ruby Red” Class Reunion.”

The email address below is for the classmates to send their contact information so they may receive announcements and an invitation to the class reunion.  If your information is not up-to-date, please add your new information.  Also, help us reach out to those who may have missing information about our event; and with consent, please forward any new contact information to the RKHS.classof1984@gmail. All updates will be posted to the 1984 Class website.

We are interested in individuals who would like to be a part of our Jubilee planning committee, so please take the time to complete our Survey in the upper left hand corner (2024 40th Class Reunion Survey) to assist in the success of our 40th Jubilee Class Reunion!  Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

If you have never attended a reunion, made one or two, or all..  This is definitely one event you don’t want to miss! Looking forward to seeing you at our Meet & Greets, Tours, Main Event and more…

Thank you,

Stephanie Jackson-Roundtree, Wendy Davis-Towns


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Hey All King Generals,

Here is the "Save the Date for RKHS 1984 40th Class Reunion"...

Mark your calendar: August 16-18th, 2024



Have you located any missing classmates? Please let me know!  Better yet send them the link to our website.  Even if they have no interest in reunions, we will like to keep in contacts for important matters such as events, memorials (deaths), and etc.

If anyone would like to share their photos and is unable to upload them to your profile, please send them to  Please remember that not all our classmates are on Classmates, facebook websites.  Also if you are posting photos of other people, please make your profile private out of respect for others privacy. 

LaRhonda Wells, Website Administrator