(2) - 2024 40th Class Reunion - Menu, Activities and Lodging (Response Required)*** TO DO

Hello Generals,

This questionnaire is needed for attendees, meals, activities and the hotel lodging count. This ticket price covers the Saturday Gala meal, operating, and event costs.  There is not an option to attend without purchasing a ticket.  There will be no onsite tickets available.  Anyone who has not paid the Ticket Price of $150/per person or $250/per couple your meal entry will not be counted until paid.  This is the actual count that will go to catering, and planned activites. We need 10 rooms to keep the group rate so if you are planning to stay at the hotel, plan accordingly since we are not responsible for your lodging reservation.  

We need your response by Friday, February 9, 2024 to meet our deadline to our vendors.


Thank you all for your attenion to this announcement.


2024 RKHS Planning Committee

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* Answer Required
1)   * Menu Selection: Select one for each attendee: 1. Wood Fire Roasted Salmon 2. Wood Fire Garlic & Herb Chicken Breast 3. Seasonal Vegetable Risotto

Add name(S) next to Meal selection number
2)   * Do you have a food Allergies? Yes or No If so, Please indicate: Name and what food alleries:

3)   * Activities: Friday 2024 Class Reunion Kick-off (not included in Ticket price:

  A. Harley Davidson Museum: Yes
  Harley Davidson Museum: No
  B Rufus King School Tour: Yes
  Rufus King School Tour: No

A. Harley Davidson Museum Tour (10am) Cost: $16 Yes or No
B. Rufus King School Tour (1pm) Yes or no
4)   * Activities: Saturday 2024 (Not included in the Ticket Price)

  Top Golf - Franklin WI ($150 per hour/ group size open)
  Escape Room - Brookfield, WI ($99 group size 2-7 people)
  Game Show Battle Room - Brookfield, WI ($35 per person)
  None of the above

Select One you would like to attend
5)   * Activities: Sunday - "Build Your Own Sunday"

  Brewer's Game - 1:10p
  Not Interested
6)   * Hotel: Will you book a room at the Renaissance Hotel available (Group rate $199/night + tax)

Yes No
7)   * If staying at the Renaissance Hotel

  Arrive: Thursday August 15, 2024 Depart: Sunday August 18, 2024 (3 nights)
  Arrive: Friday August 16, 2024 Depart: Sunday August 18, 2024 (2 nights)
  Arrive: Saturday August 17, 2024 Depart: Sunday August 18, 2024 (1 nights)
  None of the above, Staying elsewhere

Hotel Date Preference