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Pierre Hall (1985)

Tamiko Jordan
March 25 @ 9:14 PM  · 
Today, we lost a very special friend, Pierre "Rocky" Hall.  He was, at one time, my partner, and he remains my friend.  Some liked him and some did not.  Others were indifferent or judgmental.  I just cared about him, my friend.
So I wrote the message below to him.  He'll get it.  🙂
Hey's me.  Remember CRAB LEGS TUESDAYS!?  That was our time, every week.  Still, I'll be with you every Tuesday, and it will continue.
For you my friend, please know that I love you so much and I will miss you.  Tuesdays were always phenomenal at our house.  We had our ups and downs that only a few knew about, but, it was good.  The good far outweighed the bad. I wish more people would have had the opportunity to see the light and the change I saw in you.     
I will miss our weekly calls and the way you made me laugh until it hurt.  Simply, I will miss you.  I am thankful I got the chance to know the real you and not what you wanted others to think of you. I got to know the authentic YOU and I will miss the AUTHENTIC you.  
You did that, Rock.  At the end of the day, education was important to you, contrary to popular belief. I watched you work through your 1st degree and I was so proud of you.  I wish I could have seen you complete your 2nd degree.  

I am with you, Rock...forever and a day...




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